What's a Cheerbot? [ Web3 +STEAM machines, roadmap ]

Sending cheer with “phygital” goods!

North Star

Cheerbot's prosocial impact is "physical automation literacy for all Peoples."



A nonprofit design haus DAO that combines the best of Web3 and STEAM technologies within phygital robotics to achieve 3 primary goals in parallel:

(1) make entertaining consumer products;

(2) offer fun revenue streams for artists;

(3) manifest our prosocial north star impact.


Also in parallel, secondary goals less proximate than the DAO's primary goals include:

(A) encourage end-user personal “asset ownership” to grow wealth;

(B) peer-to-peer built decentrally composable “Edge cloud” networks;

(C) fund regenerative public goods via “gains through governance” tokens;

(D) nurture hobbyist and DIY right-to-repair “professionally amateur” communities.

1st product, premium 14” collectible IRL EthBot

You can buy this product here !

screenshot of the animated NFT
screenshot of the animated NFT

On display at Gitcoin’s Schelling Point during ETHDenver 2022. ( Click here to see the gif if it isn’t showing up below, Mirror platform bugs.)

IRL EthBot statue at EthDenver 2022 with a Cheerbot for brains
IRL EthBot statue at EthDenver 2022 with a Cheerbot for brains

You can buy this one-of-a-kind IRL EthBot here, look for the creation named “World's first 14" IRL EthBot, a historic exhibit!”

This product fulfills primary goal (1) by being a fun piece of art that people can plug in and display, kind of like a lava lamp but for pixelart.

It fulfills primary goal (2) via this pay to remote control repo, and soon “livestream platform agnostic” prototyped software demoed here and here will be added that offer additional ways to fulfill primary goal (2).

Finally, it fulfills primary goal (3) because even though a consumer can enjoy it by just plugging it in, they’re encouraged to take it apart as shown here , learn how the open source software found here works, push to the repo and extend the hardware using GPIO and other peripheries; with helpful GitHub.io hosted tutorials on the way soon!


Since the community is small, the future parts of this roadmap aren’t set in stone and are subject to change.

Click here to zoom in on the image shown below.

roadmap as of April 9 2022
roadmap as of April 9 2022


nfDAO at https://nfdao.io
nfDAO at https://nfdao.io
Gitcoin at https://gitcoin.co
Gitcoin at https://gitcoin.co
KERNEL at https://kernel.community
KERNEL at https://kernel.community
The Graph at https://thegraph.com
The Graph at https://thegraph.com
LexDAO at https://www.lexdao.coop
LexDAO at https://www.lexdao.coop
Vapor sound design at http://www.vapor-rmw.com
Vapor sound design at http://www.vapor-rmw.com


  1. GitHub repos => https://github.com/cheerbotme
  2. Discord => https://discord.gg/rxYgdEgn
  3. Twitter => https://twitter.com/cheerbotme
  4. detailed timeline => https://gitcoin.co/grants/2823/greenpill-cheerbot-rpi-brained-pixel-art-animatio


  1. for pixelart “sprites” that started at 16x16 and then added higher resolutions see Divoom , a “Web2” community that doesn’t help its artists monetize
  2. much more expensive AWS micro instances on a centralized cloud rather than our decentralized Raspberry Pi solution
  3. art toys specializing in limited run IRL versions of NFTs https://superplastic.co/collections/frontpage

storyline, philosophy

Pomo dialectic: thesis + antithesis + antithesis … = synthesis.

degen vs. regen

Gitcoin is developing a lore and universe guide that the 1st product fits into.

More about that here , here and here .

EthBot V2 from https://greatestlarp.com
EthBot V2 from https://greatestlarp.com

There’s a good chance we’ll continue to build alongside Gitcoin’s narrative.

In addition, we’ve noticed that modern culture tends to discuss the head and the heart but leaves out the gut.

Yet the gut is the part of the body that governs the degeneration and regeneration process.

So it’s no accident this is the part of the robot’s anatomy we’ve decided to animate first.

Along with the gut, which is a furnace that must be fed, are the ideas that:

  • degeneration is the baseline and only prosocial intention regenerates;
  • the entropy phenomenon exists but so does the -(entropy) phenomenon;
  • our gut shrank, as the belief goes, when we outsourced our metabolism by cooking our food first.
Moloch V3 from https://greatestlarp.com
Moloch V3 from https://greatestlarp.com

What is Life? AI vs. AL

Eventually we’ll include the “Hierarchical Script Database and Database Applications” kernel architecture patent in our software, likely as a gated NFT license.

In the published Cheerbot software, we already use a novel syntax based on a fractal reinvention of legal contract structure that goes along with the patent.

This patent was designed as a “smart contract” document technology where the big problem is information complexity rather than the information veracity big problem the blockchain has solved.

We discovered this information complexity big problem while participating in corporate M&A deals that included long lived musical copyright chain-of-title.

It turns out that to solve this big problem, we had to rethink first principle mathematics and information theory.

Namely our solution is a paradigm shift using the Pythagorean (c-b)/a formula generalization of the Golden Ratio that envisions irrational numbers as more fundamental than rational numbers and Turing’s halting problem as a runtime opportunity.

See our roadmap shown above as a mapping coordinate system application of the (c-b)/a formula.

Perhaps not surprisingly, these themes also touch on the definition of life.

Our patent is inspired by eukaryote cell structure, as is explained by our provisional application.

So, even though our software architecture could be viewed as a transparent neural network “artificial intelligence” solution, we find intelligence a rather suspect concept and are instead inspired by the pursuit of “artificial life.”

For instance, we’re not so cerebral as to not hear our heartstrings asking us to not forget the importance of the gut. 🤖❤️🎸

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